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At Austin Sprinkler Repair, we understand the importance of a well-functioning sprinkler system for your lawn’s health and your peace of mind. With over 25 years of experience in sprinkler repair and maintenance, we bring the expertise and commitment needed to address any of your sprinkler system concerns.

Our Services Include:

  • Locate Sprinkler Lines: We use state-of-the-art technology to find and fix any line issues quickly.
  • Low Water Pressure Correction: Say farewell to weak sprinkling! We ensure your system delivers the right pressure.
  • Residential Sprinkler Repair: Our team specializes in home sprinkler systems, guaranteeing optimal performance.
  • Sprinkler Valve Repair: We’ll solve your valve problems, from leaks to inefficiencies.
  • Sprinkler Head Repair: No more clogged or damaged heads with our expert service.
  • Sprinkler Pipe Repair: Trust us to handle all pipe repairs, preserving the integrity of your watering system.
  • Bad Sprinkler Solenoid Replacement: We identify and fix solenoid issues to restore proper function.
  • Move Sprinkler Lines: Our services include customization of your system layout to suit your landscaping needs.
  • Comprehensive System Check: We thoroughly assess your system to prevent future issues and save you money.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability: With a quarter-century of hands-on knowledge, our team brings unparalleled reliability to every job.

Expertise: We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of sprinkler systems of all types and sizes.

Convenience: Scheduling a repair is easy—just a click or a call away.

Local Business: We are locally-owned and deeply rooted in Austin, committed to serving our community.

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Your lawn deserves the best. Trust Austin Sprinkler Repair to keep your sprinkler system in top shape all year round!


    Austin Sprinkler Repair

    At Austin Sprinkler Repair, we understand the pivotal role that a well-maintained sprinkler system plays in preserving the beauty and health of your landscape. Our reputation is built upon a foundation of trust and customer satisfaction, ensuring your irrigation needs are met with the utmost professionalism.

    Expertise That Makes Us Stand Out

    Our expertise is defined by several key pillars:

    Unbeatable Flat-Rate Pricing

    Our transparent flat-rate pricing model means no surprises on your bill, and no hidden fees. We believe in straightforward communication about costs, providing you with peace of mind and a trusting relationship.

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Customer service is not just a department; it’s an integral part of our DNA. Our team goes above and beyond to offer personalized, attentive service that guarantees your satisfaction with every interaction.

    Trustworthy Personnel

    Honesty is our policy. We believe that trust is earned, and our team of honest professionals is committed to providing you with reliable and ethical service.

    Licensed Expertise

    We are proudly licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TQEC), a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier services in compliance with state regulations and industry best practices.

    Choose Austin Sprinkler Repair for your irrigation needs and experience the expertise that sets us apart.

    Get Your Irrigation System Fixed! Irrigations Techs in Local are Trained and Licensed.


    What our Customers Say:

    Came right away. Reviewed my sprinkler system. Plumber had cut one line but I actually had at least two more breaks. Some sprinkler heads were raised to better spray the grass. They did a great job of restoring my system. Not experienced with pricing but seemed fair. Will call again for a check-up.
    Austin, TX
    My sprinklers have never worked better! Really impressed with the work and couldn't recommend enough!
    Austin, TX
    Marco worked extremely hard to locate a hard-to-find leak in my sprinkler system. He kept searching even though he was not convinced the leak originated from the system. He finally found the leak which ended up saving me quite a bit of money since my next step was to hire a plumber! I commend Marco for his hard work and never quit attitude. He's an asset to your company.
    Austin, TX
    My sprinklers have never worked better! Really impressed with the work and couldn't recommend enough!
    Austin, TX
    Awesome Great Service Marco and team came in and got everything fixed in no time. All i can say is Thanks
    Austin, TX

    Sprinkler Repair Services

    Lawn Sprinkler Repair

    When your lawn's sprinkler system falters, it’s not just your grass that suffers—efficiency and peace of mind take a hit too. With our professional Lawn Sprinkler Repair services, you won’t stress over dry patches or soaring water bills anymore. We address common sprinkler ailments that cause brown spots and poor lawn health, ensuring your system is optimized to nourish every inch of your green space. Not only does our repair service cater to the immediate health of your lawn, but it also reaps environmental benefits by reducing water waste, which in turn cuts down on unnecessary energy consumption. By choosing us, you guarantee a flourishing lawn, a smaller ecological footprint, and a sigh of relief knowing you’re saving water and energy with every sprinkle.

    Sprinkler Valve Repair

    Sprinkler valve repair isn't just about fixing a leak; it's an investment in ease and aesthetic that any DIY enthusiast can appreciate. Say goodbye to the toil of manual watering with a system that not only simplifies the task but also ensures your lawn receives the optimal amount of hydration, promoting lush, vibrant growth. A well-maintained sprinkler system translates to a flourishing garden that bolsters your home’s curb appeal, making each repair not only a practical endeavor but also an enhancement to the overall beauty of your property. By learning the ins and outs of sprinkler valve repair, you arm yourself with the knowledge to keep your garden in peak condition and your home looking its best.

    Sprinkler Head Repair

    When it comes to maintaining a lush lawn or a healthy garden, an efficient sprinkler system is crucial, but issues like crooked heads or worn nozzles can disrupt its performance. Our sprinkler head repair service is adept at resolving these common problems, ensuring that your automatic sprinkler system functions optimally. By straightening heads and replacing faulty nozzles, we not only restore proper irrigation patterns and water distribution but also prevent wasteful watering practices. With our professional repair services, you will save precious time, conserve water, and support your landscape’s vitality without hassle. Opting for our expertise in sprinkler head repair is a smart choice that aligns with eco-friendly values and affords you more freedom to enjoy your green spaces.

    Sprinkler Pipe Repair

    If you're experiencing issues with your sprinkler system, such as reduced pressure or pooling water, it may be a sign of a leak in the line. Our specialized sprinkler line repair service is here to help. We are committed to not only fixing immediate leaks but also reducing long-term water waste, which can offer significant financial benefits and savings. Our process is straightforward and effective – we use advanced sprinkler leak detection methods to accurately locate the problem, allowing for precise repairs that ensure efficiency and durability. By choosing our service, you're investing in the longevity of your sprinkler system and the health of your garden, all while contributing positively to water conservation efforts. Don't let a leaky line lead to wasted resources; contact us today to secure a sustainable and financially savvy solution.

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    We provide all types of irrigation system repairs.

    • Heads
    • Valves
    • Timers
    • Sprinklers
    • Drip
    • Backflow Certification 

    We service every brand of sprinkler and drip irrigation.

    • Rainbird
    • Hunter
    • Toro
    • Irritrol
    • Weathermatic

    Irrigation Repair

    Having a lush and green lawn is a dream come true for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors. However, with the weather being unpredictable, it’s essential to have a reliable sprinkler system. If you’re in Austin and in need of sprinkler repair, you’re in luck. Whether it’s irrigation repair or landscape sprinkler repair, there are plenty of options for Austin sprinkler repair services. Searching sprinkler repair near me, you don’t have to worry about a dry and patchy lawn. You can sit back and relax while the professionals take care of the job.

    Having a well-maintained lawn not only adds aesthetic value to your home but also creates a comfortable space for outdoor activities. However, maintaining a healthy and green lawn can be challenging, especially in areas with unpredictable weather patterns. This is where a reliable sprinkler system comes into play.

    A sprinkler system is an essential tool for keeping your lawn hydrated and healthy. It evenly distributes water to your lawn, ensuring that every part of it receives the right amount of moisture. This not only saves you time and effort but also prevents over or under-watering, which can harm your lawn.

    If you’re a resident of Austin and facing issues with your sprinkler system, worry not. With numerous options for sprinkler repair services in Austin, you can easily find a reliable and experienced professional to take care of your sprinkler system. Whether it’s repairing a broken head, fixing a leak, or adjusting the water pressure, these professionals have the expertise and tools to handle any problem efficiently.

    Moreover, with sprinkler repair services available near you, you no longer have to worry about maintaining a dry and patchy lawn. A well-functioning sprinkler system not only keeps your lawn green and healthy but also adds value to your property. It creates a welcoming and enjoyable space for outdoor activities, making it an essential investment for any homeowner.

    In addition to repair services, these professionals can also help with installing new sprinkler systems or upgrading your existing one. They can advise you on the best type of sprinkler system for your lawn and provide you with a hassle-free installation process. With their knowledge and expertise, you can rest assured that your sprinkler system will be in good hands.

    In conclusion, having a reliable sprinkler system is crucial for maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. With numerous options for sprinkler repair services in Austin, there’s no need to stress over fixing any issues with your sprinkler system. So, sit back and enjoy your lush green lawn, knowing that it’s being taken care of by professionals. So why wait? Search sprinkler repair near me today and give your lawn the care it deserves! So why wait? Search sprinkler repair near me today and give your lawn the care it deserves! So why wait? Search sprinkler repair near me today and give your lawn the care it deserves!

    Remember to also regularly check and maintain your sprinkler system, even if there are no apparent issues. This will ensure that it continues to function properly and prevent any unexpected problems in the future Contact us today for assistance.

    Use Austin sprinkler repair to upgrade today!

    ▪Sprinkler control box replacement and repair
    ▪Fix or replace broken or leaking sprinkler heads or valves
    ▪Clean and repair clogged nozzles
    ▪Replace and repair damaged or faulty wires
    ▪Repair or replace broken pipes
    ▪Cap off sprinkler heads as needed
    ▪Adjust poor spray patterns to prevent wasted water
    ▪Wire/valve relocation

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